Why are we raising money

Why are we raising money

There are two reasons why we’re raising money:

  • The migrants and refugees in the camps can’t legally work in Europe, and therefore they can’t provide for themselves and their families
  • We disagree with the UK government’s deterrence policy and don’t believe it is sustainable in the long-term

Mass migration to Europe from the Middle East and Africa is caused by lots of things - war and violence, social and economic oppression. It's also thought to be influenced by many of the global mega-trends that are changing the world – principally globalisation of communications and transport, and a growing global population – and for these reasons it may be a phenomena that we will continue to see for quite some time (indeed, it's not unreasonable to posit that it's an irreversible trend). 

It's a waste of time and money to erect fences and to deploy police forces to keep people out. We believe that it’s far better to allow people to seek out opportunities to work and prosper in more stable parts of the world.

The reason we’ve chosen to put on a punk rock show as a way of raising money is a little more straightforward – it’s the music we love and it has a DIY ethos that has long been associated with progressive causes for change. We hope that those of you who share this love of punk rock and DIY culture will not only attend the event to see a bunch of great bands for a very low ticket price of £15, but will also be moved to donate some of your hard-earned cash to help people in need.

You can donate to Refugee Rock here.

We’re raising money in these ways:

  • On our fundraising page 
  • From ticket sales on the door of the event
  • Raffle on the day of lilmited edition band merchandise 
  • Post-event auction of signed band memorabilia

We’re keeping our costs for the event as low as we possibly can – the Borderline has kindly agreed to waive their venue fee, and all bands will perform for free. All of our team who are doing the admin work for the event, from building the website to contacting bands, are doing it in their spare time for free.

There will, of course, be a few costs – we will contribute to band travel and accommodation costs, and provide some basic fare (simple food and non-alcoholic drinks) for bands. These costs will be covered out of the proceeds we raise on our fundraising page.

Once costs have been covered, the remaining proceeds from donations to our fundraising page and all proceeds from ticket sales on the door will be donated to The Worldwide Tribe and CalAid.